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I hate when

Seriously I hate went meet some girls that remind me to my ex-girlfriend. Bukan saya benci that random girls that look alike terutama bila senyum or ketawa. Tetapi saya benci perasaan bila ‘teringat’. Seriously when I am really into the girl (really heavily fall in love), that will almost permanently lekat kat dalam fikiran. Susah nak buang.  So I just made it and tell myself , you hate that feeling! You hate your ex. Bila teringat tu, tak tau perasaan waktu tu apa..

Almost 2 years with status ‘single’. Yeah, I know sometime I think I in love with someone, but honestly I can’t go further to next step. I want, but better for me just stop at being just as friend. I have my own rule. I will not be in relationship selagi kerjaya hidup aku tak stabil.  Money is everything today. I want to help improve my family life first before I go and have my own family. I need to see relationship “with love” as serious business. Ya, I dont want to fail again in love, and the next relationship I will make sure that can go to pelamin.

I hope the time will heal me and rewrite the ‘teringat’ with some new data (erase the old) or clean reformat to new.

Chevrolet Sonic
Stabilkan dulu kerjaya, improve my life. Buy your dream car, house, & finally have your dream girl

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